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Private Investigation Services

We aim to provide our clients with the best investigative services in Central and Southeastern Wisconsin.




Our surveillance service utilizes advanced technology and skilled investigators to discreetly gather vital information, offering clients valuable insights and evidence for investigations.

Background Checks

We provide a detailed background and resume check for employers and businesses. Our investigators conduct research with the foremost background test software and analyze financial and criminal records to ensure peace of mind in personal and business endeavors.

Criminal Investigations

Our team of investigators is adept at gathering evidence, conducting interviews, and analyzing data to support legal proceedings. We perform a thorough investigation in every case we undertake.

Infidelity Investigations

Our infidelity investigation service offers discreet and thorough inquiries to uncover the truth, providing clients with clarity and peace of mind regarding their relationships.

Missing Persons

We employ a dedicated team of investigators skilled in tracing and locating individuals. We utilize advanced techniques and resources to reunite families and provide closure in challenging circumstances.

Other Services

Please contact us for more information on other ways we may assist you.



I founded Phoenix Investigations of Wisconsin in 2023 after over five years of private investigation experience. I completed Private Detective Academy training in 2019 and have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and psychology from UW-Platteville. I enjoy working in this field and would love to help with your investigative needs. Feel free to fill out our online form for more information on how Phoenix Investigations of Wisconsin can assist you.

*Our detectives are licensed and insured.


Phoenix Investigations of Wisconsin

Serving Southeastern & Central Wisconsin

Address: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Phone:  (414)-207-4236

For any investigation requests, please fill in the following contact form:

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